Night of the Hunter


Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.
— From a headstone in Ireland

Main Characters: Emily Halloran, Ryan McLaughlin


Emily Halloran knows what it means to be an Impartial. She’s trained since childhood, and now it’s her turn to find the Court and bind the Tithe with the Unseelie Fae. She knows nothing of her past, nothing of the parents and younger brother who died when she was a child.

That past comes back to haunt her as the King of the Unseelie Fae begins to play his games. He knows as well as the Impartials do that if Emily fails to bind the Tithe, her mind will collapse, and by twenty-five she’ll have taken her own life.

For his part, Ryan McLaughlin can’t seem to forget about the girl Emily was when he first met her seven years ago. He, too, is aware of what a high price the Impartials pay to secure the safety of others. What he hadn’t known was the price that could be demanded of those who help them.

And now that he does know, he has no intention of paying that price again, even if it means hurting or losing more of those he cares for.

Status: In progress–first draft was very close to completion when I burnt out on this series and turned to other projects for a time. I’m expecting the first draft will be completed by early 2016 at the latest.

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