“People do not lack strength; they lack will.”
— Victor Hugo

Main Characters: Brenna Gallagher, Aedhán O’Riordan


Brenna Gallagher has never been ordinary, and she knows it. At two, she found her mother’s dead body hanging from the ceiling rafters of the family’s barn. At four, she ran away from home the first time. At five, she killed her first Fae.

Now an adult, a little jaded, but comfortable with who and what she is, Brenna finds herself travelling to Ireland to take her turn in fulfilling the Tithe—a contract between Impartials and the Unseelie Fae that must be bound every seven years to ensure the protection of the humans living under the Dark Fae’s noses. She’s been warned ahead of time that someone will be helping her, but she didn’t expect that someone to be one of the Fae.

Aedhán O’Riordan goes against everything Brenna thought she knew. She was taught the only good Fae is a dead Fae; yet he treats her with more respect than most of the men she’s dated. She believed the Fae didn’t care about what happened to the humans, but Aedhán is helping to bind the Tithe that will restrict his kind. She thought the Fae felt no emotions, and then Aedhán tells her how he feels about her.

No matter how much confusion he causes her, Aedhán is determined to make Brenna realize that, like it or not, she needs him around, at least until the Tithe: Samhain, October 31. He is Fae; he knows how they work. He knows how to get to them. She doesn’t know them as well, and she doesn’t know what they can do to her. With the King of the Dark Fae trying to lure Brenna over to his side, they need to work fast to bring the Tithe into effect. Especially since Brenna’s sanity—and her life—are at stake if the Tithe fails….

Status: First draft complete! Avoiding beginning edits until I finish a few other projects.

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