Blood & Fear


In reality there were only bloody faery tales. The origins of every faery tale are steeped in blood and fear…”
— Unknown

Main Characters: Gwen Clarke, Ronan MacNamara


The Seelie and Unseelie Fae march ever closer to war, placing the Impartials and immortals who fight for balance between them at the centre of their feud. Gwen Clarke is taking her turn at binding the Tithe but isn’t sure there’s anything left to bind. Instead she has to decide—will she lead the Impartials and immortals, one of whom comes too close to touching her heart for comfort, to war and void the Tithe, or will Dubhlainn use blood and fear to make his bleak vision of what should be humanity’s future into a harsh reality?

Status: First draft in progress–things got interesting when my computer died a sudden death partway through. This is another one I’m hoping to complete relatively early on in 2016, as it isn’t far from completion–just has a lot of handwritten stuff to type up from the dark times when I had no computer.


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