About Murphy

IMG_20140109_135608L.M. Murphy is the pseudonym of a twenty-something Canadian who possesses a severe lack of brain-to-mouth filter, a great love for (among other things) writing, reading, tea, music, and tattoos, and is incapable of going to bed at the proverbial “decent” time. She has a fondness for swearing in both of her country’s official languages, and when she stops snarking, you can start digging her grave. Things she writes about include ghosts, Fae, and pretty much anything you can make creepy (and a few things that she probably shouldn’t have made creepy). Blog topics include the long process of diving into a seven-book series as her first “real” writing project and the, well, pain that is living with chronic pain.

Other places she can be found include Twitter, where she tweets a ridiculous number of photos of her goofball dog in addition to snippets of whatever she’s working on via #WIPlines, and Tumblr, where she mostly lurks. She is also the admin of the much-abandoned @WritersRotation (details here). Or, if none of those means of communication are your thing, you can use the contact form below.


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