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X is for XANADU

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This post is part of the April A-Z Blogging Challenge, wherein participants blog throughout the month according to the letters of the alphabet. For more on the challenge, click here

Note: If anyone wondered, I tagged the blog as having adult content due to a few factors: one, strong language; two, the possibility that excerpts I post may have graphic descriptions of sex or violence and therefore unappealing to some readers. Never fear, though, I’ll be sure to warn y’all if a post of that nature comes up! In the meantime, feel free to read on!

Be warned: I got downright philosophical for this one. 

Cheers and happy ABC’ing,



According to the dictionary (or at least, Dictionary.com’s app), Xanadu refers to a place of great beauty, luxury, and contentment. What’s noticeable, at least to me, is that there’s no mention of that place being imagined or part of a fantasy setting. That got me to thinking, does that mean such a place exists for all of us? Maybe it doesn’t have to be luxury in the typical meaning of the word. Maybe it’s as simple as sitting in your mother’s kitchen with your entire family, enjoying a holiday meal. Maybe it’s a walk with your dog on the best kind of brisk fall day. Maybe it’s sitting in bed with a book you love, feeling your cat’s purring vibrate against your feet. Maybe it’s the place you go to be by yourself and remind yourself of how much the world has to offer.

One noticeable thing, though, is in most of these imaginings, it’s likely that the person in them is alive. So what about ghosts, then? I’ve never been much for the standard, black and white views of heaven and hell. We spend so much time in our lives learning that doing a bad thing does not make a person bad, and doing a good thing does not make a person good, so why would the afterlife’s ranking system, so to speak, be so clearly delineated? (Yeah, I know, that’s why we have purgatory. Honestly, I don’t think they thought that one out well.)

In that vein of thought, though, what would be considered Xanadu for dead characters like Jack Breault and the Lawsons? None of them are entirely pleased with their situation, but does that mean they’d find beauty and contentment in ending their existence as such and ceasing to be? What about ghosts like the Quinn family ghosts, who have more or less continued on as they were in life? Could they not feel a certain contentment in being there to watch over generations of their family, or would they get lonely?

What about you? Any thoughts on life, afterlife, and how to find happiness in both? 😉


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