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Q is for the QUINN Family

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This post is part of the April A-Z Blogging Challenge, wherein participants blog throughout the month according to the letters of the alphabet. For more on the challenge, click here

Note: If anyone wondered, I tagged the blog as having adult content due to a few factors: one, strong language; two, the possibility that excerpts I post may have graphic descriptions of sex or violence and therefore unappealing to some readers. Never fear, though, I’ll be sure to warn y’all if a post of that nature comes up! In the meantime, feel free to read on!

Note: This has some swearing. Don’t like, don’t read!

Cheers and happy ABC’ing,



Darcy’s family is ridiculous. She has maybe one serious sibling out of the five of them, her parents are as laidback as you’d have to be to have five kids. Add in a few eccentric aunts—one refuses to marry again after three failed marriages, one has multiple partners including a married couple, and one has been living with her partner since before same-sex couples were widely accepted—and a brash grandmother, and things get interesting.

It’s also thanks to her family that Darcy is so comfortable in what she does with the whole seeing ghosts thing. They’ve had ghosts in the family for as long as she can remember—in fact, most of her family’s women have become ghosts and are still lingering in the house.

That’s enough to give anyone a good sense of the ridiculous. It does make things overwhelming, though, as Gage learned.

The next day is Saturday. Normally this would mean I sleep in (even later than usual, that is—being a writer has its perks), and though I know it bodes poorly for the no-dating side of things, I find myself hoping that Gage does so, too, especially since I woke him up at odd hours yet again. Instead, I’m woken shortly after eleven by my phone’s ringing and by the sounds of distant, urgent screaming for attention.

“Thell?” Gage mutters beside me. I groan indistinctly in commiseration, lunging for my phone.

“Darcy!” yells Mallory, my brother Kevin’s wife. “It’s about freaking time! Let us in, the pregnant woman has to pee!”

“Wha?” I answer muzzily, rolling myself into the bedsheet despite Gage’s protests and towing it with me as I shamble to the window and look down towards the street. Multiple cars, all recognizable as belonging to women from my family, are visible, and I can see my nieces and nephews running on the lawn, venting the energy they’d no doubt have after a two and a half hour car ride early in the morning on a Saturday. “Fuck.”

I hear Mallory and several others laugh. “Lazybones. C’mon, hurry up!” she orders, hanging up on me before I’ve even made sense of who all is down there.

Turning to Gage, I try to look as apologetic as possible before consuming anything caffeinated. “You’re gonna want to put on your pants.”

He gives me a quizzical look. “Why?”

I sigh theatrically as I gesture out the window and reluctantly surrender the bedsheet to find something resembling clothes. “The hordes have arrived.” At the blank, semi-frightened look I get, I add, “My family. At least, the womenfolk. And children.” Before he can voice the complaint I imagine forming behind the stormy facial expression, I clamber back onto the bed, half-dressed, and kiss him with just enough teeth and tongue to be distracting. “I swear I’ll get you out of here as fast as I can. Pants will help that, though I can’t believe I’m saying it.”

He watches me as I climb back off the bed and wriggle into a skirt and yank my bra on. It’s not until I raise my eyebrows pointedly that he starts to move. “Right. I’ll get my pants.”

I snicker just a bit, unable to help myself, fully awake now and fizzing with adrenaline from the abrupt wake up call. “You’re cute when you’re sleepy,” I tell him, and regret it as soon as it’s out of my mouth. I see his face change from the beginning of comprehension to pure apprehension, see the guard drop into place behind his eyes, and grind my teeth.

“Like I said,” I say after a few seconds, shoving my hair over my shoulders and hoping the resulting mess looks deliberate. “I’ll get you out as soon as I can. You’ll probably have to meet a few of them. They don’t bite, except the teething one.” I slide my feet into my shoes and don’t touch him or even look at him on my way out the door.


2 thoughts on “Q is for the QUINN Family

    • Luckily, it looks like Darcy’s already nuts. 😉 Her family is loosely based on mine. Long as they don’t get crazier I should be fine.

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