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O is for Outsiders

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This post is part of the April A-Z Blogging Challenge, wherein participants blog throughout the month according to the letters of the alphabet. For more on the challenge, click here

Note: If anyone wondered, I tagged the blog as having adult content due to a few factors: one, strong language; two, the possibility that excerpts I post may have graphic descriptions of sex or violence and therefore unappealing to some readers. Never fear, though, I’ll be sure to warn y’all if a post of that nature comes up! In the meantime, feel free to read on!

The post for the letter O is just a tad late. My apologies. Job hunting is sapping my energy. >_<

Cheers and happy ABC’ing,



I should probably mention that the above song is in no way, shape or form related to the characters I discuss in the following post. It’s just been stuck in my head as I write it. If you don’t like country, don’t click the link.

There are always outsiders. I bet you can guess who they are in this book. You guessed it: Gage because of a) his past; b) decades of his family being casually snubbed, starting after Eliza Lawson’s disappearance; and c) his apparent lack of give-a-damn about that.

Another outsider is Darcy: Though she makes friends more easily than Gage (but then again, so do most people, I imagine), she’s nonetheless an outsider, largely because she’s a new arrival in a small town where everyone knows everyone, even the people they’d rather not know. The other reason—well, how many people do you know who openly admit to seeing ghosts?

What might surprise you a bit is that even Noah can be included in this one. He lived out of town for over a decade, but given the family link, he was never seen as an outsider. That said, and even though he’s re-established himself in town by the time the novel starts, when he first returned he felt like an outsider, even if nobody made him feel that way. It was just weird, returning to his hometown and readjusting to the calm pace of a small town after the rush of cities, especially when dealing with the loss of someone who mattered to him*.

I guess it’s a good thing that this isn’t a book about fitting in.

(*Hint: That person’s name is in the list I posted for the letter N. Post your guess in the comments and I just might have something for whoever’s correct… Second hint: There was another hint in that last sentence, should you be able to figure it out. Final hint: It isn’t a family member. C’mon, would I make it that easy?)


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