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D is for Death

Bear with my slow posts, folks. I’m working from mobile internet. 🙂

This post is part of the April A-Z Blogging Challenge, wherein participants blog throughout the month according to the letters of the alphabet. For more on the challenge, click here

Note: If anyone wondered, I tagged the blog as having adult content due to a few factors: one, strong language; two, the possibility that excerpts I post may have graphic descriptions of sex or violence and therefore unappealing to some readers. Never fear, though, I’ll be sure to warn y’all if a post of that nature comes up! In the meantime, feel free to read on!

Cheers and happy ABC’ing,



When you write about ghosts, you can’t help but write about how they died, all the more so when the cause of death isn’t known. Human beings, in case you didn’t know, can be morbid as all get out. We can speculate for hours about how someone died. (Just listen to the small town gossip after a local dies in a car crash. Alcohol? Speeding? Deliberate collision? The possibilities are endless.)

Darcy doesn’t have the luxury of speculating. She needs to know, plain and simple, what happened to Eliza—before it happens to her. Deaths are all around her—death by warfare, death by suicide, death by mental deterioration—but none of them are what happened to Eliza. The only thing all of the ghosts Darcy encounters have in common is something that they couldn’t quite leave behind. Despite whatever frame of mind they may have been in when they died, each one of these people had something in their lives that was important enough to lure them back from death and into a half-life, strong enough even to pull a soldier back from a grave overseas.

Darcy’s pretty sure she knows what that something is. What she’s not sure of is how to be rid of it to let all these ghosts have their rest.


7 thoughts on “D is for Death

    • She is, but don’t tell her that. 😉 Thanks! I’m using the posts as motivation to hopefully finish the first draft this month during Camp NaNo.

    • We really do! I notice it every time there’s an accident and people in my small town start theorising.. Thanks for stopping by! That comment would make Darcy happy.

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