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“But I want it NOW!”

Look! Murphy’s Pub, now with 100% more Grammarly! I use Grammarly because in the amount of time it’s taken me to get this post up from the time I was first approached, they’ve definitely proven themselves to be patient enough to be thorough in proofreading. 😛

*digs self out of mountains of snow*

Hi, everyone. As you may have noticed by the mini typed infomercial up top, this post is being sponsored by Grammarly, and unholy hell, have they ever been patient in waiting for it to appear. To give you an idea: I was first approached about it in October. Please, join me in facepalming.

*collective sound of many faces smacking into many palms*

There we go. Any squished noses? Right, well, here’s some ice, don’t sue me, I never expected you to listen…

Here’s a confession: Patience is not my strong suit. (Those of you who know me at all are probably uttering a loud “DUH” right now. Bear with me.) Whether it’s waiting for my cupcakes to come out of the oven, standing in line at an amusement park, or dealing with a story idea that pops into my head, I don’t want to wait. It’s like there’s a five-year-old inside me with no concept of things taking time, or of attaining your goal making the wait worthwhile. That five-year-old doesn’t give a rip about cooking times or taking turns or having a time and a place for writing. She wants her cupcakes/rollercoaster ride/writing time now.

As I’ve gotten older, that inner five-year-old has learned restraint in most things. I may not always like it, but I understand that cupcakes taste better when they’re not partially raw (unless it’s the batter itself, in which case, omnom), and that the anticipation of waiting to get on the rollercoaster is part of the fun of an amusement park (… to a point). But when it comes to writing? Hah. I can’t tell that little twerp anything.

A writer’s brain can be a very patient thing, letting ideas sit and simmer, remaining at the back of the mind until they’re ready to be put down in words.

I don’t have that kind of writer brain. I have the impatient kind, where as soon as an idea pops into my head, my hand is itching for some method of notemaking, whether it’s a note on my phone or the scribble of pen on paper. (Pencils will do in a pinch, but being left-handed and prone to smudging my own writing, I prefer pens.) If I can’t write about it immediately, I usually talk about it—handy that my roommate, also a writer, works with me. Lately, my brain’s been all but seething with ideas, and often during the times when I can’t make notes. As a result, my brain goes into idea overload and most of the ideas, very few of which were worth keeping anyway, go unwritten.

In fact, lately I haven’t done much writing at all. It’s no doubt understandable, given that a lot of writers who participate in NaNoWriMo take something of a break afterwards as a combination of respite after a month of fanatical word production and preparation for the holiday season. And yet… I didn’t mean to stop writing. I wanted to keep going with the momentum and actually finish something within a reasonable timeframe, if not during NaNo. I know that it can take several months to get a complete draft, but I like finding new ways to challenge myself when it comes to writing, and since the novel I worked on in November had a more concretely outlined plot than most of my NaNo projects do, I’d hoped it might be doable. Work and life (pesky things!) interfered.

I suppose this is another case of that inner five-year-old wanting what she wants and wanting it now. And I suppose I’ll just have to be patient again this time. Not to say that I can’t do my best to finish it off soon… New Year’s resolution, anyone? If I ever made any, that would be a good one. Maybe we’ll just keep it amongst ourselves, eh?

Happy writing (or not writing) and enjoy the holidays! Keep an eye out, maybe I’ll make up for my absences by sharing a snippet in the near future…




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