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Coffin Hop Winners!

Greetings, ghouls and gremlins! Sad it is to say, but another year of Coffin Hop has come to a close. The good news? That means it’s time to announce the winners!

BUT FIRST: The priiiiiiiiiiiiizes! Oh yes! They were oh so delectably easy to win: all you had to do was respond to the comments! I left some manner of prompt at the end of each of my posts, whether it was a question about your experiences with the spooky and supernatural, or some images and a scary little story. So… what was up for grabs? I’m so glad you asked.  I had two prizes to be won this year.


The COFFIN HOP: DEATH BY DRIVE-IN anthology, which has been recently released and features the writing of several excellent Coffin Hoppers. Not only is it a brilliant little anthology with some most wonderful illustrations, its profits are devoted entirely to improving child literacy the world over, regardless of race, ethnicity, or any other factor, via the lovely folks at LitWorld. Even if you didn’t win, maybe you’ll consider buying a copy anyways–only $3.99 and for such a good cause! If you’re interested, just click the picture, eh?




Cover photograph taken by myself. (It’s a work in progress..)

Coffin Hop is, of course, a horror hop. So I had to get out there with a little horror, since I have more to offer of that than I did last year. With that in mind, the second prize available to be won was an exclusive excerpt of the horror novel I’m currently working on, titled H(A)UNTED. The winner gets a PDF copy of the prologue and first four chapters, with the potential option of up to a total of ten chapters as they are deemed suitable for public viewing. The rest of you will just have to read this little teaser blurb and then wait. ; )

When I was told my new home was haunted, I was thrilled. But only because I didn’t know, then, that I should have been terrified.



Lori, having read the Coffin Hop anthology myself in two ravenous sittings, I promise you’re in for a delightfully grisly treat. Blaze, all I’m saying is I hope you like ghost stories with a side of *gasp!* porn.

Winners will be contacted by me in order to redeem their prizes. Thank you, one and all, for a wondrously weird Coffin Hop, and I can’t wait to do it all again next year! To my lovely fellow Hoppers, keep scaring folks year round. And to the readers? Keep encouraging us. We like it. A lot.




3 thoughts on “Coffin Hop Winners!

  1. Wow! Did I win the perfect prize! I happen to write horror, erotica, and porn. So this is something special for me. Also, I must commend Lori for her devotion to the Coffin Hop. She won ten books on my one blog alone! Superb work.

    Also, Ms. Murphy, you have won two books from Jeffrey Hollar on the Blaze blog. I’ll send the coupons to you.

    Gotta love the Hop!


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