Coffin Hop / Horror

Coffin Hop Day… What day is it?!

Ah, hell, who cares what day it is as long as it’s still Coffin Hop? Let’s go play in the creepy abandoned buildings.

I’ve been going slightly mental. (Yeah, yeah, I’m already nuts, don’t remind me… okay, more mental than usual, is that better?) As a result, things are slightly disorganized, but I wanted to give you guys something more to see for the Hop.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I want you to hit play on the video just below this paragraph, scroll through the images below, and then write me a little drabble about whatever the combination does to your brain–fiction format or your own thoughts, as you wish–in the comments. It might (read: it definitely could) win you a prize. And tomorrow I’ll tell you about the building in the pictures. In the meantime, you could always check out the other Coffin Hoppers.




Now the pictures… ready?

(Disclaimer: I take no credit for these images. Many of them come from a blog post which I will link to at a later date so as to avoid spoilers, and were found via Google.)

Have fun, and do your best to scare me!


7 thoughts on “Coffin Hop Day… What day is it?!

  1. I’m thinking wandering soul – broken hearted soul – searching for peace after losing the love of their life. Of course love is overrated but hopeless romantics can’t be stopped now can they? Unless they start writing horror stories…hehe

    • It’s entirely possible to be a writer of horror and also a hopeless (if cynical, ahem) romantic. I oughta know. ; )

  2. Empty halls echo with the ghost of a footfall. The walls peel like sunburnt skin, weathered too long in the abandoned building. It rotted like a corpse, forgotten on its plot of land. On a dark autumn night, you might hear the screams of former patients, disembodied now in death, or the squeaking wheel of an invisible gurney rolled down the desolate corridor. Don’t linger too long, or the metal gate will close you in til sunrise, trap you with the souls still bound to their earthly domain. Then you, too, might become one of them. One of the mad. Still screaming, even in death. Forever.

  3. Like the music and the pictures a lot. Reminds me of the old abandoned military terrain I’ve been to a few weeks ago. Some buildings looks quite similar … and all looked a bit spooky.
    About your treat, guns/no guns & abandoned buildings. Sparks quite a lot, so I guess I’ll write a little short story and post it later 🙂
    thanks already for that!

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