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Trifecta Week 81: Light

Hi, gang! Back for more Trifecta fun this week. See, I’m trying, really I am! Anyway, this week’s word was light, and the definition was “a source of light: as a celestial body, candle, or electrical light.”  As usual, it had to be between 33 and 333 words. My response this week came out to 267 words. It’s a continuation of other responses featuring Gideon:

Now then. Last time we saw him, it was June 1916. It’s now December 1916. Enjoy!

The sky overhead was heavy and laden with clouds, lending a listless quality to the entire prison yard. Gideon was reading the newspaper, provided by the guard who had replaced the one who had “mysteriously disappeared” months ago. Beside him, his fellow prisoner, still emaciated but with a feverish brightness in his eyes and cheeks, stared contemplatively upward.

“Be something, wouldn’t it,” he remarked, “if there were to be some actual light to all this?”

Gideon glanced up and made a face. As the month went on he found himself remembering the beginning of the war in Europe, two years earlier, and the claims it would be over by Christmas. He wondered if any here had believed that, and scanning the crowd, met the tawny eyes of the broad-shouldered man—not quite a man—sitting at the centre of a circle of prisoners listening to quietly told stories of home and freedom. They nodded briefly and looked away from each other, Gideon returning to his newspaper, the other to the stories of days gone by.

A loud whoop tore through the yard, interrupting lessons in Irish, reading of letters, and the muffled quiet of the day itself. A tall, thin man with curly brown hair and dancing blue eyes grinned around at the prisoners, all now looking up curiously, some making questioning noises, others waiting in silence.

“We’re to be released,” the man announced. “Soon. We’re going home.” He spun around, encompassing them all. “All of us, home.”

“Huh,” said Gideon’s fellow prisoner, looking distinctly unenthusiastic. “Some light after all. Isn’t that something.”

 Gideon didn’t answer.


6 thoughts on “Trifecta Week 81: Light

    • Hmm, that’s a good question. He hasn’t been in one of these flash fiction pieces before, and I’m not sure if he’s ever been in an excerpt I’ve posted (though I think he has been). However, I’ll give you a hint: both he and the tawny-eyed man mentioned were among the options in my poll. 🙂

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