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Polling Time!

Hello, all!

As you’ve seen if you’ve been reading my Trifecta posts, I’ve been getting into the backstory of my older characters lately. My thought is to split the posts between different prompts: one prompt response can continue on with Gideon and Eilish, and the other can continue with….

And here’s where we screech to a halt.

I’m not sure who I want to write about. Some of the guys are sharing their pasts, some aren’t… so you know what? I’m letting you guys decide! You’ll have a week to choose who you want to hear about. Your choices are Ryan, from Night of the Hunter; Aedhán, from Howl; Alesander, from Thief; or Cillian, another of the main characters who balances out Gideon’s general jackassery in The Sharpest Lives.

Happy voting!




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