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Trifecta Time!

Trifecta Badge

Note: I blame this entirely on mixeduppainter for her posts on the challenge.

What you need to know: Trifecta is a weekly writing challenge. They provide prompts and parameters, you provide words. Open to everyone! This week’s word was pedantic, and the definition we had to use was “unimaginative or pedestrian.” Naturally, I thought of Gideon… or more specifically, his attitude to others. Other important terms were that the entry had to fall between 33 and 333 words.

Now, don’t mock me. Okay? Okay. Let’s do this thing.

P.S. Painter, I’m gonna hurt you. 😛

An unmarried man with a house staff full of young, reasonably attractive female servants was outside the norm and highly scandalous in early twentieth century Dublin. As he had spent most of his life outside what most people would consider comfortable boundaries, this didn’t bother Gideon O’Faolain a whit, though he knew it might disconcert some of his more untrained staff.

To his credit, he tolerated no comments on his staff’s integrity or character, even when they went out alone; whether he accompanied them or not, they were treated with respect, and most seemed content to ignore that that respect was bought with fear.

Sometimes, when they were in bed before the madness of an incubus’s victim had set in, they told him of the pedantic, gossiping whispers of the other serving folk who kept their suspicious distance.

He was a murderer.

False, in a manner of speaking.

He was a cannibal.

Entirely false.

He was something Fae, not human.

Only partially.

He took horrible advantage of his servants.

Well, he couldn’t deny that one, he thought ruefully, closing his eyes to shut out the image of the spidery tracing of veins beneath Eilish’s translucent skin, the bruises he had left on it in his hurry to mate and take energy.

When she spoke next, her voice was higher, clearer than it had been before–the first sign she had changed–and Gideon hated himself for his supposed willpower that always failed him when he needed it, that always led to him breaking all he loved in the end.


12 thoughts on “Trifecta Time!

    • I can’t speak as to how often I’ll be in here–truthfully I only wrote this one because the word jumped at me. We’ll see what happens! Thanks for the encouragement!

  1. This guy is scary. I like how you brought out his character by his response to the gossip that was going around. Well, good thing he’s not a cannibal, anyway 🙂

    • Thanks very much! I’m sure he’ll reappear if I manage to stay in the challenge for any length of time.. and yes, he’s both amused and disillusioned by gossip, is Gideon. 😉

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