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#AtoZ: Z is for…. ??

Welcome to the last day of the A to Z Challenge, all! As promised, it’s time for me to reveal something… let’s get to it, shall we?

If you’ve been hanging around for most of this challenge, you probably remember that with my N is for Numbers post, I taunted you all with the number of books that are going to be featured in the IMPARTIALS & IMMORTALS series, and then I yanked it away. Thus, Z is the variable for the number of books I’m going to write in this series.


If you paid attention and read along, you might have noticed that I dropped hints, starting with the N post itself. I thought it was pretty blatant, but nobody called me on it! The shock! (Or maybe y’all were just humouring me, yes? Let me dream.) 

Now then. Because you were all so patient, I won’t keep you waiting. I’m actually surprised I didn’t know this number sooner, but here we go.

Z = number of books in I&I

Z = 7

That’s right, I said SEVEN! Seven years between each Tithe. Seven books. Seven possible Tithes? Oho, I’m not telling! The only further thing I’ll tell you is the titles of the books (where I have them), and the names of the TWO primary characters (out of a larger ensemble cast) for each book, since I do have that for all of them.

Book I: The Sharpest Lives — Cass and Gideon

Book II: Night of the Hunter — Emily and Ryan

Book III: Howl — Brenna and Aedhán 

Book IV: Blood & Fear  Gwen and Ronan

Book V: Thief  Roisin and Alesander

Book VI: [Title TBA] — Aoife and Keenan

Book VII: [Title TBA] — Saoirse and Colm

And that, folks, is THAT! Thanks so much for hanging out here in the pub throughout the challenge. Events always seem to conspire against me in April, but I swear next year I’ll hop around to more blogs in return! For now… I’m off to win me my first Camp NaNoWriMo in multiple attempts! (Only took a reduced word count goal to manage it!)




6 thoughts on “#AtoZ: Z is for…. ??

    • O.O Don’t cry!! XD You’re welcome! I had fun teasing you (like you didn’t notice, hehehe) but it was great to reveal it. Looking forward to slowing down on posts, too.. I like the challenge, but yeesh.

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