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#AtoZ: X is for Xenophobic

Home stretch time, gang! I don’t know why Gideon’s been so prominent in my posts for the challenge, but seeing as he’s usually extremely reticent, I’m gonna roll with it and I suggest you do the same. Shall we?

By now, you’ve probably figured out that if not old as dirt, Gideon’s still pretty damn old. He’s also pretty damn xenophobic.

Xenophobia is defined as intense fear or dislike for foreigners or strangers. Gideon would like me to specify that in his case, it’s definitely dislike. Even distaste and disdain and all kinds of classy diss words. (Okay, that addition was me. Gideon’s a word snob. Well, just a snob in general.)

I have to give Gideon some benefit of the doubt, though. I don’t know everything of his history, but given that he was around when the English started to crack down on the Irish conquest… I’d say he has good reason not to trust foreigners.

What he has against certain foreigners, though, I can only speculate at. *wink*


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