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#AtoZ: W is for Weird

Time for another round of A to Z posts à la IMPARTIALS & IMMORTALS! Excited for the big reveal on the number of books? Of course you are. Am I gonna spill the beans early? Of course I’m not. Now that that’s cleared up, on to the post!

Weird shit tends to happen no matter who you are. Lost objects turning up in strange places, running into people you never thought you’d see again, electronics appearing to have a mind of their own. Happens to all of us. No matter how mundane, it can still be enough to make us do a double take.

In the IMPARTIALS & IMMORTALS books, the weirdness goes up a notch or two or five. From vague comments that make no sense to people you’ve never met acting like they know you, or mutters of legends that can’t possibly be true to hard evidence to the contrary.

In the end, how much or how little you believe is up to you. But believing too much or not enough might get you killed.


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