#AtoZ: S is for Seelie

The Seelie are one half of the two contrasting Fae courts. Of the two, it is the Seelie who were first responsible for the establishment of the Tithe, and if that sounded somewhat accusing, call it a reflection of the sentiments of some of the Impartials who may not be precisely thankful for the gifts that were passed down through generations of their families. 

The myths make it sound as though the Seelie are the good guys: they’re often called the Bright Court as opposed to the Unseelie being the Dark Court, and they are likely where the practise of calling all Fae by such respectful names as the Good People or the Fair Folk originates from. Typically, the Seelie Court is composed of Fae who, if not precisely helpful to humans, are at least not harmful towards them. One point in their favour is that they–or at least their queen–seem to give humanity’s long-term survival some consideration in their plans. 
That said, they do tend to meddle, and the queen is famous for it. Without her meddling, there would be no Tithe and no Impartials. 
…. But that’s a story for another day.

2 thoughts on “#AtoZ: S is for Seelie

  1. So many stories. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂 I appreciate that they are at least considering us in their plans. hehe. Their not-harmfulness has always fascinated me.

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