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#AtoZ: R is for Ronan

Welcome all! Today’s–er, yesterday’s–post is late & probably not of the best quality, I admit, but that’s because I’ve been working on moving. But we’re not here to talk about that! Moving on!

Ronan is a fun character for me to write. We meet him at a very unfortunate time for the other characters, and they don’t trust him right off the bat. That said, he’s not a main character until book four–and that’s when we learn that he actually has a temper, which has been boatloads of fun for me as the writer. *snickering* For the first three books, he seems very pleasant, and not meek, but agreeable. In book four, we find out he’s not quite as good at compromise as he seems. All in all, he’s been a fun little contradiction to write.

And that is all I’m saying about that, because I’m goin’ the fuck to bed. Night, folks!


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