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#AtoZ: M is for Music

Hello, all. Sorry for the uber-delay in today’s post (and, in advance, for the length of today’s pre-post drabble); it was my first day tweeting at @PeopleOfCanada and I wish it hadn’t been under such dire circumstances. As a result, I’ll say only to watch this space tomorrow as the post will be a bit different than usual and feature a chance to learn Something Important about the IMPARTIALS & IMMORTALS books. For now, I’d like to dedicate the overall sentiment of this post to everyone who was in Boston today.

Music is an inherent part of the IMPARTIALS & IMMORTALS books, and has been since the beginning. If you follow me on Twitter you know that I’m a self-professed music junkie. I always have it playing. That doesn’t change when I’m writing. Music heavily influences me and that’s no different when I’m immersing myself in a fictional world; I listen to music before, during, and after the idea comes up, throughout the writing of the book. Music gives me ideas for the novels, untangles snarling clumps of plot, provides insight on why characters do all that stuff they do–and even supplies titles for the novels. Three out of four of the currently titled I&I books came from song titles. (The other was from a quote.)

Beyond that, music impacts the characters and the events as well. From old folk songs about history that some of the characters have lived through, sung in a dimly lit pub while two characters dance with each other–or fall in love, or claim to hate each other’s faces; you never know with this bunch–and drinking songs roared out after the night at the pub–getting the new arrival drunk is a bit of a tradition in each book–to the childhood nursery rhyme Emily hears when her memory starts to return, or the love song an immortal prince might sing to his wife (I’ll give you a hint: Steve Earle has done a recording of it), or the soft silly songs a mother might sing to her daughter… Music imbues the world of IMPARTIALS & IMMORTALS just as surely as each and every culture in our world is defined in some way by its songs and its music. Ranging from triumphant and proud to poignantly mournful, from the quick and witty to the heartbreakingly tender, there is always music to fill in the gaps where words don’t do the trick–in life or in fiction.

PS: Know which song I’m talking about? Let me know in the comments! Who knows what it might get you as a reward?

With her thoughts still in Boston,



10 thoughts on “#AtoZ: M is for Music

    • Perfectly understandable. ^_^ I aaaaaalways have music. Only difference when I’m writing is I try to find something that fits character or setting or something. After a while, I tune out the lyrics and it’s just background noise. Silence weirds me out. As one of six kids, I’m not used to it at all.

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