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#AtoZ: L is for Leannán Sídhe

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone slept in just as late as they wanted to. Ready for today’s A to Z post? Of course you are.

In established myth, the leannán sídhe (pronounced lan-awn shee) are “faery lovers,” figures of inspiration so beautiful that no human could ever hope to compare. These were the lovers and muses of doomed young artists everywhere, feeding off their vitality and turning them into a candle lit at both ends. The artist runs out long before the leannán sídhe is satisfied, and she leaves to find another source of energy; the artist, apparently portrayed as a self-destructive sort, perishes shortly thereafter.

In the setting of the I&I novels, the leannán sídhe themselves are not frequently seen. They have become so rare that their name is now mockingly applied to the victims of incubi and succubi, mere humans who are altered in some way by having been with part-Fae creature: a sure sign of disregard, for taking a Fae’s name in jest is not a wise thing to do. Some folk–human and Fae–think that with the modernization of the world and the decrease in people willing to believe in the Fae, the leannán sídhe have either withdrawn from this world, or suffered the lack of artists they were used to and come close to extinction.

This, of course, is not at all the case, no matter how we might wish it were. The leannán sídhe are biding their time, waiting for the opportune moment or lover. Artists everywhere, beware of who you let into your bed…


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