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#AtoZ: K is for Kelpie

Welcome back to another day of A to Z, gang! I’m a bit–okay, a lot–late today, but I’m here! After yesterday’s post, I think maybe we need some fun, as twisted as that idea gets around here….

I like kelpies. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to encounter one, particularly not if there happened to be a decent-sized body of water nearby, but they’re fun.

To those who don’t know, kelpies are a pretty grisly lot. Men with the power to shapeshift and take the appearance of a green-black horse that drowns its victims and eats them? You know I’m all over that! In the I&I books they have a few added or switched traits to keep thing unique. They’re one of my favourite myth-tweakings, and the main kelpie character in I&I is amusing for me to write because he goes through so many different moods. In book one, he’s a happy go lucky flirt. Book two? Angsty. (You’ll want to slap him. I do.) Honestly, if the guy were human he’d probably have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

I think he–and a couple of his, uh, shall we say “acquaintances”–scare the bejeezus out of the Impartials because they take away the choice. When you touch a kelpie’s hide, you adhere to it, and you’re stuck until he lets go. It really doesn’t help that this Fae mixed-breed’s favourite prey is young girls.

No doubt about it, kelpies are a scary bunch when they want to be. But damn if I don’t enjoy writing them anyway. Just remember not to touch them, no matter how much you want to…


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