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#AtoZ: J is for Jamie

Welcome, one and all, to the writing pub for another day in the A to Z challenge. Today’s post is rather a sombre one, so I’ll kindly ask you to doff your hats, gird your feels, and pay respects.

At three years old, Jamie was a very happy little boy. Outgoing where his older sister was shy, he charmed everyone he met, and couldn’t wait to start school like his sister. He almost never cried, preferring to laugh instead. There was no reason for anyone to think Jamie would not have every opportunity at a happy, fulfilling life, but when he was three years old, Jamie Halloran died with his parents in the house fire that left only Emily alive. The only reason? He was related to Impartials, and might someday have grown up to pass the trait on to his own daughters.

Instead, he died. Everything he had been, from a newborn baby in his parents’ arms, to a smiling toddler with brown curls and a huge smile, was gone, and everything he might eventually have been, whether a father himself or just a good man, would never be.

We never meet Jamie. He is dead long before the stories of IMPARTIALS & IMMORTALS begin, and he is not the only one to have suffered this fate–death merely because of an Impartial in the family. These deaths nonetheless impact the story’s telling and the characters’ decisions, and they are important. So this post is for Jamie, for his parents, and for everyone else whose lives were cut off by the Fae’s cruelty. Like the family members they left behind, we will not forget them, and we will honour all those deaths that came before the story, impacting its telling and making hearts ache. They brought the story to this point, and the value of the lives they lived while they could will be remembered.


8 thoughts on “#AtoZ: J is for Jamie

    • I’m sorry. *cuddles Amy too* But there are sad moments in the books, so I had to yank on your heartstrings at some point.

      Tomorrow is my last day of work, though, so I promise it’ll be something ridiculous. ^__^

    • Yeah, I even made myself sad with this one. Next time I’ll warn everyone to bring something (or someone) to cuddle with after reading.

      Thanks again for reading & commenting, Cheryl! 🙂

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