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#AtoZ: H is for History

Welcome, one and all, to the Writing Pub! For this month’s A to Z Blogging Challenge, I’ve been talking every day about a place, person, thing, or concept from my ongoing series of books, IMPARTIALS & IMMORTALS. Today’s post delves back, rather than looking ahead. Enjoy, won’t you?

History’s all around us, and it gives no quarter to what we think of it. Whether we refuse to acknowledge it or believe we are doomed to repeat it, it is as much a part of us as the blood in our veins, a living heritage reaching through the centuries to touch present day.

It takes, as these things do, different forms, but they can all have an effect. There’s the history we read about in textbooks in a classroom–some of us are longing to be anywhere else, but a few might be rapt, envisioning past adventures and creating a lifelong fascination with what used to be. There’s family history, the storytelling kind that passes oral tales of a family’s life down to each new generation, and the medical kind–take Brenna, for example; not only did she grow up in a very chaotic fashion, but two of her close relatives are alcoholics, thus–in theory–predisposing her to be one as well. Two people can have history between them, or one person can keep their history to themselves. There’s the history of the land, where you feel you could stand in one spot and see its essence remain at its core unchanged over time.

It seems fitting, then, in a series of books that combines the real world with something different, that all those forms of history come into play somehow or another, mixed as is everything else in the books with just enough confusion to keep things interesting. From the academic history of the Impartials, a group of people with six hundred years of tradition, turmoil, and work behind them, to the lyrical spoken tales of the Fae they struggle to mediate between… To characters dying to outrun their past or with no knowledge whatsoever of what their history may be… And a country that has endured centuries of invasions and change, peace as well as partition… History is sure to be made.


8 thoughts on “#AtoZ: H is for History

  1. Do you really feel we are doomed to repeat it? History, that is. I’ve always felt that some things we don’t have to repeat, even if they are historical. I’ve thought that history repeats herself, but we have the options to make different choices while she wains on in a cyclical pattern. I’ve spent time wondering about this and tried to change some key things in my life so that my family history does NOT repeat itself. Great post.

    Elizabeth Rising Early, 31 Days

    • I don’t, no. I think that’s a very defeatist point of view, actually, but some people think that way and I was trying to cover as much as I could–while referring more to my characters than myself.

      Personally, I hold that history is necessary, and that to be ignorant of it is to be blind about the possibilities for the future. We need to know where we came from, I think, at least to a degree. It influences how we feel about our place in the world and how we act. And knowing history gives us, maybe, some power to change it. 🙂

      Thanks so much for stopping by the pub and I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Hope to see you back around. 🙂

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