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#AtoZ: F is for Fae

Welcome to A to Z in the writing pub! My posts this month are all tied back to IMPARTIALS & IMMORTALS, the novel series I’ve had in the works for a few years. Today we talk about the Fae, on one side of the divide between human and inhuman characters.


The Little People.

The Fair Folk.

No matter the name they’re called by, to most of the world, the Fae are relegated to myth and fiction–mythical, larger than life figures with origins shrouded in mystery, or smouldering immortal characters with hidden secrets in the latest paranormal romance. They’re the stuff of the original fairy tales, the tales of invasion and battle and one race winning over another. Or, even worse, they’re tiny, winged sidekicks to more “serious” types. Whimsical, you might call them. Real? Never.

To the Impartials charged with mediating between our world and theirs, the Fae or Tuatha dé Danaan (too-aha day da-nan or people of the goddess Danu) are anything but whimsical or invented. They are real and they are more ancient than our minds can comprehend, driven underground when Ireland, wrested by the Tuatha dé themselves from the Fír Bolg, was conquered by the Milesians. They are dangerous and fickle, turning on each other for slights we can’t perceive. They tamper with human lives–altering or simply ending them–for enjoyment.

And many of them live right alongside us, without our knowledge. We might catch a glimpse, should we accidentally see them from the corner of our eyes, but our brain will find any other way to process it; more than likely, we’ll convince ourselves it was a trick of the light, that we were overtired, that we’re being silly.

The Fae, for their part, are very much aware of just how much we don’t know and happily keep it that way. People suddenly lose their research work, or their wits, or their lives. What’s one more death to a race whose existence is a tiny blip on the map?

Why should they worry about us? They shouldn’t. We’re the clueless ones. We should be worried about them.

The thing is, we won’t see them coming.


4 thoughts on “#AtoZ: F is for Fae

    • The ignorance of your average people in the I&I books are something I keep in mind as I write. That idea–that humanity could be radically changed without us ever knowing the cause–kinda freaks me out. 🙂

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