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#AtoZ: D is for Dubhlainn

Whoever first said that things are not always as they seem must have been talking about the Irish language. Try to pronounce that name, I dare you.

No, really, try.

Try again.

Nope, still not it.

Give up? That name is pronounced Doo-linn. I know, it makes no sense. Don’t get me started on the Irish alphabet; what with it only having eighteen letters, I’m not sure what some of my posts will be about. *warily eyes J*

Why is it important for you to get that name right? Well, he’s a Fae king, and he shares a couple commonalities with England’s Henry VIII. Gout? Festering wound from a jousting accident? Silly little ditties written in his honour? Alas, no. If you guessed multiple romantic partners and an insistence on getting his own way, however, DINGDINGDING! Get that reader a prize!

But! A caveat: where Henry VIII got away with his antics due to being a King (logic, yes?), Dubhlainn still has to be a little more covert, because Fae courts are matriarchal, meaning the majority of the power and the public favour lies with the Queen. To compound matters, when the I&I series begins, Dubhlainn is a relatively new king, having taken the position only a couple of centuries before when the previous King went to his death with a full ceremony to honour him instead of letting extreme longevity make him insane.

Relatively speaking, Dubhlainn is younger, sharper, and in theory saner than his predecessor. Being a new King, you’d think he wouldn’t mess with anything when he knows he’s the one who would likely get the axe.

Yeah, you’d think. But things aren’t always as they seem, particularly not when the Fae get involved….

Dun dun duuuuuun. On that note, see you tomorrow, gang.



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