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#AtoZ: B is for Brenna

Welcome back, gang! As promised, I’m blogging from A to Z in April (with Sundays off for being good–I’ll just borrow a halo from my friend Patty over at patricialynne.com), and each post will have something to do with my long-running in-progress series, IMPARTIALS & IMMORTALS. Today’s topic? Brenna!

If you follow me on the Twitter-bird, you’ve no doubt seen me tweet (often late at night) about Brenna Gallagher, one of the main characters of Howl, the third book in the I&I series. Probably with a headdesk or facepalm in there. She maddens me. But she’s a blast and a half to write.

Everybody has that friend who has no filter, no sense of decency, no tact, and no shame about any of it. Brenna is that friend. She’ll say whatever comes to mind, to whoever is there to hear. There are almost no constraints to her character because she’s brassy and bold and will march right up to things others won’t touch with a ten-foot pole. (So long as those things aren’t feelings. Theeeen she gets skittish.)

Beyond the freedom of writing her, I like Brenna. Despite a rough background, with an abusive father and a mother who committed suicide when Brenna was a toddler, she perseveres. She’s one of those types who will do whatever she has to in order to survive. (So far this list has included but not been limited to: lying to loved ones, breaking the law, and stripping for a living, among other things.) She still has a sense of–admittedly warped–humour, and she even learns how to have friends. She’s also a great big mess of contradictions that reveal themselves gradually to the reader and other characters (and, uh, the writer).

Brenna spends most of her time trying to avoid notice. And yet, just by being herself–a six-foot-tall woman with a tendency to tote weapons like some women carry purses–she draws the eye. You could be “friends” with Brenna for a long time before you realize that for all her talk, you know very little about her past. You can have a candid conversation with her about absolutely anything–but if the topic moves to emotions, she’s gonna be uncomfortable.

One thing you can count on, though. When she’s pissed off, you’ll know. 😉

That sounded pleasantly threatening, so I’m going to close there. Stay tuned, folks, and see what I tell you about tomorrow!


P.S. Don’t piss Brenna off. Just don’t.


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