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#AtoZ: A is for Alpha

I’m still resisting the urge to add “and Omega” to that title. Give me a second to control the dramatic thunder and lightning.

*crashing noises*

Okay, we’re good. Just ignore the crackling in the air.

Hi and welcome! In what may very well be a fit of lunacy, I’ve committed myself to the A to Z Challenge with nothing but a cell phone on which to write and publish my posts.

…. Put like that, “committed” really does seem a fitting word for it. Bah!

So! I’m L.M. Murphy, more informally known as Murph or Murphy. Last year I participated in this challenge from See Murphy Write and had a wonderfully chaotic month of no themed posts. This year, seeing as I’m Head Weirdo In Charge around here I’ve decreed the theme of my A to Z posts will be related in some way to IMPARTIALS & IMMORTALS, the book series I’ve been working on for four years now.

What are the books about? Good question! They’re a toss-up of supernatural elements–I take a lot of ideas from Celtic myths about the Fae–and some danger–psychotic monarchs tend to bring that on people–and some romance, since I’m a sucker for a happy ending.

Beyond that? I guess you’ll have to stick around and find out! Onward, to the first post about a person, place, or thing from IMPARTIALS & IMMORTALS!

You know the type. Whether they’re the badasses who bull their way recklessly through life or the quietly authoritative figure everyone looks up to, we’ve all encountered a few alphas, male or female.

I for one enjoy throwing them up against each other, whether as enemies, lovers, or leaders. Take a few strong-minded individuals who aren’t necessarily of the same mind, and fun* things are bound to happen! (* Your definition of fun may vary.)

Several of my characters fit the definition of an alpha. Gideon does his best to control…. Pretty much the entire world around him, and is comfortable enough in positions of power that many others in the group turn to him for leadership (of a sort) over, say, Aedhan, the former Prince of a Fae Court. Ryan is an alpha with lightning-quick moods; no matter how much he seems content to go with the flow, rest assured that you’ll know when he’s decided to buck the system. Compared to the rest, milder types like Cillian or Ronan seem downright amenable–but Ronan in particular is nowhere near as willing to compromise as he seems. And don’t even get me started on the bad guys!

Curious yet? I hope so, because it’s time for me to shut up. Fittingly, according to Thesaurus.com alpha also means beginning, so here’s a great big cheers to the opening of the A to Z Challenge, from Murphy! Come back tomorrow and we’ll see what I come up with next. Sayonara!


6 thoughts on “#AtoZ: A is for Alpha

    • …. Yes, that’s more or less the idea of this and Camp. XD Although if the ghost story bunnies have backed off this long, I don’t know why they had to start biting again now! >_<

  1. Ooooh… yeah, committed is a pretty good word for it. XD (You know I ❤ you!) Is the definition of "fun" anything like the definition of "interesting"?? 😉

  2. So excited to see the email notification for this post in my inbox. I’m even more excited that you’re sharing information about this world of yours that I’ve become so intrigued with. Patricia has a good idea; we will all drool over and beg to read your story so you will finish and publish. Muahahahaha!

    • Glad to see it made someone happy!! By the end of the month, even if it’s crazy, that’ll be what keeps me from regretting the decision to write ALL the things!

      And yes, that’s more or less the idea. Notebook in front of me right now! Busy, busy Murphy. 🙂

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