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Six Sentence Sunday + NaNoWriMo WTF-ness

Anyone who’s followed my NaNoWriMo progress in past years knows that I’m a mistress of the epic catch-up. I fall steadily behind, plugging away just enough that the total I need to write in the last stretch seems dauntingly insane but not totally impossible. Then I write like a madwoman and make the 50K, usually sliding in just before midnight.

This year I’m wildly ahead and still haven’t wrapped my brain around it. And yet, with all the words I’ve got down, this just might be my favourite little snippet to date. I was just starting writing for the day, so instead of zoning out and not reacting to lines, I giggled like an idiot at this one. As a result, you get a bit more than six sentences. Enjoy!



“Did they let you out of the restraints today, then?”

Nora nodded. “After Da asked me roughly fifty questions on whether I knew my full name, my sister’s, where precisely on my arse did I have the birthmark shaped like a strawberry…” She glanced to the remainder of the group and added, “Bottom of the left cheek, if you were interested. It’s even pink.”


“All right, so it’s a bit more red than pink,” she allowed. “But realistically strawberry-like just the same.”

Nora. This won’t convince anyone that you ought to be set free. Control it.”

She grinned, but it was the grin of someone who had forgotten to smile for pleasure or for reassurance, any of the reasons people normally smiled for. Her tongue lolled out the side of her mouth before she made a chagrined face, looked more like Gwen imagined she would have before going mad and offered a close-mouthed smile instead. “I’m trying,” she said curtly. “It’s damned hard.”


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