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Closing Down the Coffin… errr, House.

Welcome, one and all, to this solemn occasion: Samhain, aka Halloween, aka the closing of the Coffin Hop. Here do we gather in our most somber attire to mourn the passing of the Hop and to show Samhain night the respect it properly deserves, lest we seek to aggravate the Old Ones. With the gravest of mindsets we shall climb—be it gracefully, awkwardly, or with assistance—back into our coffins to wait until next year to rise again.
Aw, who the hell am I kidding?! If we were in my novels’ world, we’d be pissing our pants in fear right now. But I’m wearing a skirt, not pants, and we’re here to bid a fond “see ya next year” to the Coffin Hop by giving away free stuff! As to Samhain night—well, I’m decked out in full devil’s advocate costume, and looking quite fabulous for someone who’s been frequenting coffins all week if I do say so myself. I am, of course, your hostess with the mostest, the Head Weirdo in Charge, here to announce who won all the glorious prizes! Please, follow the click of my hooker boots (when they hit knee high, and they’re black leather… yeah, they’re hooker boots, and the fishnets don’t help!) as we head back into the crypt of posts to refresh our memories on the prizes and announce their winners.
Day One introduced two giveaways. Number one: The Coffin Hop 2013: Death By Drive-In Collector’s EP, a delightfully horrific preview of the anthology that will be released in time for next year’s hop. It features stories by some of my fellow Hoppers, and so, I can guarantee they’ll scare your pants (or skirts, kilts, bloomers, or what have you) off. The winner of this prize will be receiving their prize from the Head(less?) Honcho of the Coffin Hop himself, Axel Howerton. Aaaaand the winner is… SHERRY FUNDIN. Sherry, leave me a comment with your email and what file type you would prefer, and I’ll get Axel to send you your prize! You can choose between epub, mobi, or PDF. Congrats! As to number two… we’ll get back to that, oh yes we will!
On to Day Two… we had ourselves a grand, if macabre, old time with Richard Long guest posting, and he was gracious enough to offer up five digital copies of The Book of Paul (which, I admit, I want to read!) for giving away. Confetti and skeletons to: ANNE MICHAUD, JULIANNE SNOW, AJ BROWN, MANDI M. LYNCH, and AMY MARSHALL, each the winners of one brand spankin’* new ebook. Leave me your email in the comments and I will provide you with the means to claim your goodies.
* Murphy is not to be held responsible if The Book of Paul doesn’t actually feature spanking. Moving right along, nothing more to see here!
Ah, Day Three, when the lovely Jessica McHugh stopped by to tell us about her fear of things not normal… and happened to leave a print copy of Pins, her most recent release, behind for me to give away! The hoops the winner has to jump through: email me at, and I’ll pass on Jessica’s email address so that you can send her your mailing address and get your book! And the winner is… PEPPER MASON! Go you!
Day Four and Day Five were quiet, posts from me where the comments counted only towards the final mad giveaway… mwahahahahaha… whoops, getting ahead of myself. *clears throat*
Brewin’ gave us a post on why he enjoys getting scared and scaring others. (No, he’s not just a bully. Didn’t you read the post?!) He also, being a generous sort, left behind some goodies… namely a copy of his book, which our combined efforts pimped all over the place on Day Six. Again, the winner is requested to get in touch with me at so that I can in turn put you in touch with Brewin’ and you can get your greedy paws on your prize… and this time, the winner is A.F. STEWART! *mad applause*
And now… the moment you may not have been waiting for, but that I have been greedily hoarding… what was the surprise I teased you all with on Day One, and who won it?
In order to build the suspense I am determined to believe exists, I firstly present to you the terms of the surprise:
  • See those links up top of this page, with titles to each one of the books I have planned? Well, here’s a secret for you: Whether I’ve started the book or not, I’ve likely written something featuring its characters and will write more before, during, and after the book’s writing. Whoop-de-do, right? Not so…
  • The winner of my surprise can choose, after examining these pages, what book/pairing interests them the most. Tell me that, and give me some rough guidelines on what you’d like to see of my writing. A death of some kind? A relationship? An ordinary day? A particularly painful piece of their history? Tell me your curiosities!
  • Simple as that. I will send you a short related to, but not featuring in, my Impartials & Immortals books. Maybe it’ll be something from the characters’ pasts, maybe not… but you’re getting some free, exclusive-type reads, and I promise it’ll be at least 5,000 words long. (More, if you want to see something of both characters from a given book and the terms you give me don’t permit a short where they both appear together.)
Make sense? I hope? Now, then, onto announcing the winner, and my temporary muse…
(Jason, I do believe you’d expressed regret at not getting some kink out of me… Karma, my friend, has given you a chance to make up for it! Shoot me an email and I’ll see what I can churn out for you.)
Don’t be dejected if you think the Coffin Hop is ending—the diehards refuse to let it go. The blogs are still live, and you can still check out the link list to find more fantastically disturbing (or disturbed..?) hoppers! There are still contests and free reads and all kinds of goodies to be had!
Now off to prod herself into writing gear with her pitchfork, this is Murphy, closing down Coffin Hop 2012! And what a hop it’s been… Let’s see you do it in knee-high leather boots, huh?
Happy Hopping, Folks (Whether Fair, Fae, or F****d in the Head)
Cheers, Happy Halloween, and Happy Samhain,


14 thoughts on “Closing Down the Coffin… errr, House.

  1. Yay!!!! I'm Sherry and I'm happy. I love to win. mobi for kindle is great. my email issherryfundin69(at)netscape(dot)netcongratulations to all the other winners. thanks for the great giveaway.

  2. Sherry, I've sent your email and choice of file type to Coffin Hop's head honcho. Keep an eye out for your prize! 🙂 I'm glad everyone enjoyed the Hop as much as I did… definitely doing it again next year!- Murphy

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