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Six Sentence Sunday!

Taking a brief respite from the Coffin Hop madness today, because I confess, I went to a Halloween party last night and overdid it. Today’s been a day of recovery. Never fear, the madness and giveaways return tomorrow with a guest post from Brewin. For now, have six(-ish) sentences from my current WIP.
“I’ll find her,” he said aloud, aware his voice was shaking as he started to back towards the door.
Cass looked sympathetic. Her voice was small when she spoke. “What if it takes months?”
He refused to think of that and bared his teeth at her, his mind already slipping towards the kelpie’s reactions, the kelpie’s instincts. “Then it takes months,” he snapped flatly. “One way or the other, I’m finding her.”

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