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What Writing Looks Like Blog Hop

Sarah over at The Writer’s Experiment wanted to know what writing looks like. This hop is all about those first drafts, the mad scribbles, the stuff that makes no sense unless you’re the writer (and sometimes not even then). Given that I’ve got two novels trudging on right now, my writing is all over the place. 

That being said, currently, to me, writing is what this picture says: rewriting.

This is how the first chapter of my first novel, The Sharpest Lives, originally began. The main character, Cass, is in her boss’s office, cussing him out, because she’s getting sent to Ireland to do a story on an up and coming band. And that’s all I’m going to say about that, because—guess what—it doesn’t start that way anymore! Though I started writing TSL in 2009 and completed it in 2010, it’s only recently that the idea of rewriting it has occurred to me.
I’m enjoying the idea a lot more than I probably should. I have a feeling some other writers would hate me. One thing’s for sure, the readers just might when they see how TSL starts now…

These show the first page of my plot notebook, AKA what I’ve planned so far for the rewrite of TSL. Completely different premise, but I’m excited, because it makes the book more realistic, which makes it more enjoyable to others, which makes it better. So all around, I’m pretty darn happy with that.
What does writing look like to you?

7 thoughts on “What Writing Looks Like Blog Hop

  1. "REWRITE: Overhaul commences here. . .oh my!" — very funny! 😀 I like how you add your own private humor to your (re)writing process. That's probably what's keeping you sane while you attempt to finish TWO novels before NaNo. Keep trudging along, Murphy! You can do it and thanks for taking the time to be a part of the hop!

  2. I have humour EVERYWHERE. It's the only way I keep going–especially since I've got a week long blog hop ahead before NaNo, too, hehe. (Which… I have to plan for. Keep an eye out, it should be fun. 😉 )Thanks for hosting the hop, Sarah! I had a blast!

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