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Time To Make Like A Bunny and Hop, Hop, HOP!

Boing, boing, boing!
There’s a lot coming up in the near future for this blog. I’m going to be hopping like a madwoman all next month!
October is poly month at Lor Rose’s blog, and I’ll be taking part by writing a guest post from the point of view of a monogamist. October 15 is the What Writing Looks Like hop, hosted by the fabulous Sarah over at The Writer’s Experiment, where participants post a picture of their writing process with a short blurb. And the fun doesn’t stop there, oh no. At the urging of writing friend A.K. Marshall, known on Twitter and NaNoWriMo as jitterymoose or JM, I’m taking part in the 2012 Coffin Hop! Running from October 24-31, Coffin Hop is meant for published (no matter the means) horror writers and was created as a response to the dearth of such events for horror and genre writers. Though I’m neither published (yet) nor technically a horror writer, the head honchos were kind enough to let me join in, and now I’ve gotta think of events to hold on this blog! Another kicker? This week-long hop runs in the week before NaNoWriMo starts!
By now you probably think I must be nuts. You’d be right. I lost my sanity a while back and haven’t yet bothered to go looking for it. Now just let me seal the deal and confirm my nuttiness: I’m going to have a stab at hosting my very own blog hop!
When I’m not a writer, I’m… well, I’m a behaviourist who currently works in fast food due to not having a job yet. But with three years of training in behavioural science, I can’t help but want to put it to use. Recently, two of my characters weren’t cooperating. Both are Fae; they were members of the same Court, though one of them has been self-exiled for centuries now. Writing the novel wasn’t working because there was all kinds of animosity between these two, and I couldn’t figure out why, because they hadn’t seemed that closely linked.
At a loss for any other solutions, and hopped up on tea and adrenaline from not sleeping, I sent them to counselling. I took a brief break from anything remotely resembling sense or sanity and wrote what was intended as a short piece where I got to the heart of the issue they have with each other.
Instead I got 2,700 words of—well, I’m not entirely sure what. How about I just let you read it if you want to? You can always find it later as well, in the list of links to the side of this post. I wasn’t sure, once I’d written it, if I’d lost my mind or had a stroke of genius, because it actually worked. I got to the root of things, and I barely had to do anything! (No, really. Obi got curious. XD)
It got me thinking, and then other writers prodded me along. Surely the rest of you have characters who could benefit from some form of counselling or therapy, right? Of course you do, and don’t bother denying it, because all the writers I suggested it to admitted it! So I’m bringing you… the Characters on Couches blog hop!
The details are as follows:
  • First off, don’t feel intimidated if you don’t have any behavioural background. I do, but I barely delved into it. Really, I just played around. Your “counselling” session with your characters can range from anything to interview style question and answer, to a discussion between characters written, to a character’s journal entry, to anything at all that leads you to a discovery about your character(s). It shouldn’t matter if they’re not the “type” to go for counselling. Get creative and work around it!
  • Second, you’ve got some time, so don’t panic. The hop itself will happen on October 3rd, next Wednesday, at which point I’ll post another session—I have no shortage of characters who need therapy—and y’all can post links to whatever you came up with.
  • Third, have fun with it! You can tell us as much or as little as you choose to about the character and why they needed the therapy, and while we puzzle over what you wrote, you can go see what the rest of us found.
Who knows, we might all need therapy by the end of this… or we might learn something new about our characters. If you’re curious enough to take part, leave a comment below and make sure to grab the badge below, and join the discussion on Twitter with the #CharactersOnCouches hashtag! 

Time to get out our clipboards and ask our characters how they really feel. 


16 thoughts on “Time To Make Like A Bunny and Hop, Hop, HOP!

  1. Between the hops in October and NaNoWriMo in November, Sarah, I'm getting the feeling I should tell my boyfriend to be prepared for an absentee girlfriend! 😉 Yes, there will be a linky list…. Provided I can make it work. Thanks again for your help with the badge! 🙂 Look forward to seeing your post!

  2. Alright-y, I'm in! My WIP has a huge component of diary entries in it and I've been wanting to explore that aspect further… In fact, just this morning I wrote a note to myself saying I need to get some entries exploring one character's past! Looks like I'll be throwing her on the couch!

  3. All right, I'll go ahead and officially commit myself. (Wait, that's not what I meant… or IS it??)Now, to decide which of my screwed-up darlings needs this the most…

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