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Six Sentence Sunday!

Tada! I’ve actually got the plot moving again (somewhat; plot is a tricky and flexible thing, and while tricky, I am not so flexible as that). Therefore, I don’t feel ashamed to post something.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to leave comments!



Hints clues follow the clues little threads pick them up—

Brenna grunted, swung a hand to strike before her brain had fully woken. When her hand met empty air, she lifted her head from the pillow, expecting grinning twins in front of her, but the room was… empty. She could tell by the undisturbed stillness of it that there were no twins hiding anywhere, that no one had even stuck their heads in to see if she was alive (a thought that brought as much bitterness as it did relief). She was alone, and there was no way anyone had been whispering in her ear.

She’d just decided it had to have been the tail end of a dream when she heard it again.

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