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Made You Look!

What’s all this? I’ve been tagged again? Hmph. I really need to start running faster.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’ve got a chronic pain condition and a history of multiple ankle sprains, I’ll never run faster than the kid who gets a participation ribbon in cross-country. (Yeah, I was that kid.) Besides, this actually looks like it’s both fun and requires minimal effort: all I have to do, now that Sarah’s tagged me, is find the word “look” in my current WIP and share the paragraph with it, the one preceding it, and the one after it.

Pretty sure I can do that, yeah? Yeah. So on that note… since I’m aiming to complete Howl before November, here it is.

If she hadn’t been doing her best to be quiet, she’d have snorted. Yeah, right. If there was one thing Brenna Gallagher knew, it was that she wasn’t going to be lucky enough to have a normal life. She knew that, damn it, had known it since she was a kid. But somehow, this guy had wormed his way in and made her think that she could still do her job—could still hunt Fae, immortal creatures that few knew to be real—and have the nice, normal, happy relationship on the side. Without him knowing?
Christ, was she really that dense? She thought, grimly amused as she eased the door open and stepped into the softly lit entry hallway. She looked at her sword and grimaced; it badly needed to be cleaned, and that was one more thing she’d have to accomplish before she could go to bed herself. Or rather, before she could dispose of her torn and filthy clothes and slide in behind Jeremy as if she’d been there all along.
“Brenna? Is that you?”

Curious at all? Good!

Now, my turn to choose victims play tag!

I tag:

Yep, I pretty much fail at blog hops. But it was fun, and you came and looked! 😉




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