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Confession Time!

Yes, that does look intimidating. Except I’m
tempted to try and read Patty’s handwriting. 😉

This blog hop is being hosted by Patricia Lynne, who wanted to not only get a few things off her own chest, but encourage others to do the same. I was recruited in the early stages of planning to join in, and happily agreed. When the date for the confessions to be posted crept closer, I didn’t have internet and… I kind of forgot about it.
Yep, that’s my very first confession. I’m sitting here right now composing this and… I have honestly no idea what to confess! Like Lor , I’m very open about most things and will happily share if asked or given even the tiniest bit of provocation. (No, really. You’ve been warned.)
So… what do I confess? I’ve never written fanfiction. I make no secret of my love for trashy romance. I haven’t named any characters after an ex, because I don’t have an ex (no, seriously). I’ve taken an inordinate amount of glee in killing off a character I despised, but again: no secret. However… I’m not quite as open as Lor, although I come close. They are rare and sometimes barely perceptible, but I do have my reservations.
My confession? My confession is that a little piece of me—not just people around me, but me as well—goes into every character I write. Even the ones I despise. Each of them has some little piece of me, and yes, probably a piece of someone I know. If you look at my first book, The Sharpest Lives, MCs Cass and Gideon are two totally different people. Cass likes to roll with the punches, is most comfortable in jeans, and has an easygoing sense of humour; Gideon is sleek and polished and for the longest while leaves people wondering if he even has a sense of humour. And yet… Cass’s love of music and less-than-organized nature are my love of music and less-than-organized nature. Gideon’s appreciation for the finer things and moments of sarcasm so sharp it’s insulting are mine.
Book two? In Night of the Hunter, Emily is a five-foot-nothing bookworm who liberally sprinkles her sentences with ten-dollar words. Ryan is a rude, arrogant prick most of the time who regularly picks fights. But… Emily’s passion for knowing things, even for the pure pleasure of knowing them, comes from me (not to mention some of her ten-dollar words). And yes, like Ryan, I’ve been known to brood over things. Excessively, though perhaps not to the art form he elevates it to.
And again in book three—Howl’s MCs, Brenna and Aedhan, appear at first glance to have nothing in common with me. Brenna is prickly and irascible with a temper so short it might as well skip the fuse and go straight for the detonator. Aedhan is so relaxed he ought to be canonized, and he rarely raises his voice. Despite my temper not being that short, and being physically incapable of speaking in modulated tones at all times after growing up the oldest of six siblings, I’m still there. Brenna’s pride—her silly, stubborn, foolish pride, as I believe it’s referenced at one point—is an echo of my own obstinate independence. And Aedhan’s habit of sleeping in late, and like a rock, which are often mocked by Brenna the early bird, comes from me as well. In fact, neither Aedhan nor I claims to understand why Brenna persists in getting up at five am every day. General consensus amidst the cast of I&I characters is she’s nuts.

It continues into book four. Gwen, Blood & Fear‘s female MC, is a petite strawberry-blonde with no time for anything except her family’s horse farm and all that goes into the daily running of it. However, if her family asks, she will do everything she can for them. Ronan, for his part, is more laidback about. . . well, about most things compared to Gwen. But he will go to hell and back for those he cares about. I am not that singularly devoted to a task, and I am not that relaxed. But I share Gwen’s respect for family, and like Ronan, I’ll do anything for those who matter.
Even the side characters aren’t safe. Iain, though more gregarious than even me, has my love of fun and readiness to smile or laugh. Caoihlinn [pronounced kee-lin], despite being a shy mouse where I’m often bubbly and outgoing, has my unwillingness to cause conflict. Finn got my troublemaking streak, and put it to damn good use if I do say so myself. 

As to the pieces of others, oh yes, you’ll find them there too. Lor’s tendency to freak out over what she views as infractions is a habit Cass has. Emily has Patty’s preference for avoiding large, awkward social gatherings. I borrowed some of my boyfriend’s seemingly endless patience (well, he puts up with me, doesn’t he? Shhh, don’t tell) for Aedhan, because I certainly didn’t have enough of my own.
Some writers say they do this unconsciously, but I’m happy to acknowledge and own up to the little pieces of people that slip into my characters. I keep an eye out, and enjoy that little moment when I recognize which of my friends has snuck into a character’s personality.
And that, as they say, is that.

8 thoughts on “Confession Time!

  1. Each of my Emotio boys have a little bit of me, the actual members and their spouses… Which is kind of scare where Nathaniel is concerned…We all do it at some point somehow, it's unavoidable. Good, lengthy (I knew this would happen so I saved yours for last) post. Well done for spur of the moment!

  2. Imparting tiny pieces of yourself to your characters probably makes them more realistic and makes it easier for a reader to bond with them. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. I don't think I know how to write a character that isn't part of me. In fact I recently realized that and wondered if that was a flaw and whether I needed to figure out how not to do that. Thanks for sharing, it actually helped me to read it. Peace.

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