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Six Sentence Sunday!

3… 2… 1…. CLEAR!

Stay with me now, stay with me… CLEAR!

Okay, are we good? Looks to be steady… all right!

Yes, it’s been resurrected! After a long, pitiful absence with no excuses given, here’s a Six Sentence Sunday snippet for you. You can thank Cheryl for offering support on Twitter and (unknown to me until today) her blog. Her excitement over reading the snippets got me to post again. Big round of applause!



His eyes traced over her, so quickly and—she wanted to say gently, odd as that seemed—she couldn’t do anything more than blush before he said in the same soft voice, “You look lovely, leannan.”

She blinked, unable to understand why the compliment and the endearment should make her feel near tears. “Thank you.” She barely managed to whisper it before she turned and fled as quickly as she could without drawing attention.

Iain remembered his promise and put his hands back in his pockets so he wouldn’t be tempted to reach for her, struck by the sudden thought that he’d managed, however briefly, to hold water in his cupped hands, but it had trickled through his fingers. Again.

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