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“I’m working on it, I’m working on it!”

The theme of this post is works in progress. Why am I discussing them? Because I was tagged by the sneaky Patricia Lynne, that’s why. The idea behind the tag is to discuss one of your works in progress, then tag five other writers to continue the misery fun.

I have way too many works in progress to choose from — and a great many sitting on the back burner thanks to a little crossover project that appears to have taken over my life — but I’ll choose the one I’ve worked on most recently.

Night of the Hunter is the second novel I intentionally set out to write. The first was The Sharpest Lives, and prior to that I wrote mainly “short” stories that got way out of hand and were trying to become novels despite their writer’s stubborn insistence to the contrary.

The second book in my Impartials & Immortals series, Night of the Hunter brings Ryan McLaughlin, a secondary character from TSL, into play as an MC and Emily Halloran as the Impartial to even out his side of things. He’s bitter and angry at events that happened seven years ago, and she’s too damn innocent for her own good. How do you think that one goes?

I started it during NaNoWriMo 2010 (yes, you read that right) and to my great shame I haven’t yet managed to complete it. It’s almost there. It just hasn’t quite made it, though I’m bound and determined to get it done before this year’s NaNo. (Mind you, I also said that last year. *facepalm*)

That said, I really am close to finishing it. With some time and a little writerly stubbornness, I can finish it. And I need to. So feel free to encourage me to get my butt into gear.

We have now reached the part of the post where I can’t think of anyone to tag, because I’m tired and Patty stole most of mine. XD Instead, I’ll direct you to her original post, and to the blogs of Lor Rose, Daniel Kaine, and MJ Johnson, three writer friends she also tagged. Does that only leave four tagged? Yes it does, but I don’t care. As I said. Tired.

However, since I’m a terrible person and haven’t posted any Six Sentence Sunday snippets in recent weeks, nor even tried to excuse myself for it, I’ll leave you with a snippet from Night of the Hunter.



There was a knock on the door and no time for anything more than surprise before it swung open to admit a pale figure and the clink of chains. Her instincts told her this was one of the Fae, but the creature seemed to carry no particular violence to her, perhaps because the chains at her ankles muted any risk she posed or because they spoke to enslavement.

The Fae stopped inside the door, standing tall and thin as a waif, head nearly as much a long oval as one of Modigliani’s paintings, mercury-coloured eyes slanted like a cat’s and fixed on her. After a beat, it spoke, and the voice was high, cold, but recognizably female. “I wondered whether I might see another of you.”


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