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Six Sentence Sunday!

Happy Sunday, everybody! This is the end of what was a very busy but very worthwhile week for me. I’m using that as my excuse for making this post so late in the day. Wednesday was my college graduation in Kingston (three hours away), followed by the boyfriend’s university graduation ceremony in Guelph. Lots of driving there. As if that wasn’t enough, we then had supper at his grandparents’ on Friday night and at his godparents’ on Saturday. Then, finally, we went out for supper tonight because he thought I needed a graduation dinner.

So. All that said and done, here are this week’s six sentences. Next week I promise not to be as late.



“Are you in love with me?” The words were flung out into the air like an accusation, rife with sharp edges and jangled nerves.

She saw the answer even before he gave it words, even before he made it true with speech. It was in the minute hesitation before he answered her, in the way something shifted and softened in his eyes. The quiet, though brief, stretched between them, so tense and brittle she thought the air would crack.

Then she shattered the quiet with an expletive as she rolled out of bed.


4 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday!

  1. First of all, congratulations on your graduation! Secondly, your six sentences are just brilliant. This was my favorite sentence, "She saw the answer even before he gave it words, even before he made it true with speech." I love it!! Can't wait to see more!!

  2. Thank you, times two! I was quite proud of these particular sentences. And swearing to break the silence suits this character to a tee. :PI tend to post unidentified snippets every now and then, and I also post lines on the #shitmycharacterssay tag on Twitter. Keep an eye out and I'll try to write more clever stuff!

  3. Take the try out of it. You are writing wonderful sentences that others enjoy. There is no try to it. Your words express pictures that I can see in my head. The gift is allowing yourself to be open so that the words flow through you and you are able to let them flow onto the page. Love it.

  4. Congratulations on graduating! :)You painted quite a vivid picture with your six sentences. You've got me wondering what's next! Hope you can make #storydam chat tomorrow. ~Tui

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