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Six Sentence Sunday!

Happy Sunday! I have declared today hangover day, since I am in fact hungover! With that in mind, here’s something fun. Cass is helping Emily to her room after they’ve gotten her drunk, which is something of a tradition in the I&I books.

Cheers (with ginger ale, please),


She glanced briefly at Ryan’s closed bedroom door, saw Emily do the same—just before the younger woman wrinkled her nose and put her hand over her mouth to make loud raspberry noises.

Cass snorted with laughter. “What are you doing?”

“Being an obnoxious drunk, obviously.” Emily sounded quite pleased with herself. “I’m allowed, aren’t I?”

“You’re definitely drunk enough for it,” the redhead muttered, shaking her head as she opened the door to Emily’s bedroom and manoeuvred her over the threshold without running into the door frame.


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