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Something to Look Forward to…

Ever feel like you’ve run out of things to look forward to?

For the past few years, it seems like I’ve always had something to look forward to. One milestone was hit, I had something else to anticipate. Look at the past year, for example:

  • In September friends and I got tickets for a concert in February. So we were excited about that.
  • Concert came and went, didn’t matter. We had graduation to look forward to.
  • Last day of placement–of college, ever–was April 27. But I was moving on the 29th, and after two years, I wouldn’t be in a long-distance relationship anymore!
  • I moved. 
And now… well. The excitement of having moved is wearing off as we start to settle into a normal relationship; I’m still looking for work, and it’s driving me crazy; and, after convocation in a couple weeks, that’s about it.
If this is adulthood, I’m not sure I like it. What do I have to look forward to now? Bills to pay, repaying my student loans? No way. 
I need something to look ahead to, something to get excited about. 

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