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Six Sentence Sunday!

Slightly belated, but that’s because it was a relatively busy week/weekend and I didn’t get to writing as soon as I would have/should have. That said, I like this snippet, and it’s actually not from Night of the Hunter this week. So, enjoy.



Some probably would have called her callous for getting over his death so quickly, she mused as she began to go through her usual yoga routine. But, the way she saw it, grief was something the Fae could and would use against her. Would it hurt if they mentioned him, if they taunted her with details of what they’d made him suffer? Probably, she admitted to herself as she slipped into an easy warm up position. Simple fact, though, was that he’d hurt her, just as she’d hurt him. Death, to her way of thinking, didn’t exonerate him; it just made the harm impossible to repair.


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