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Writing Systems + An Update.

I think I have found a writing system that works. I’ve heard some writers say they have a routine they follow to space out and get into the writing “zone,” so to speak. To be honest, I kind of thought that was silly. But, I am being forced to eat my words, and they didn’t even give me any seasonings to help force them down. Oh, the injustice of it all.

This past week or so I’ve discovered that putting on U2 is a really good way to let me write. Normally, I’m all in favour of playlists to suit a character, and I’m sure come November I’ll fall back into this habit (it’s NaNo, okay? The sane need not apply), but for the meantime, I’ve realized the joy of putting on U2—one of the few bands I can listen to on repeat and a) not run out of material for ages and b) not feel the need to flick through songs—and just writing. Mind, 750 Words probably helped with that one, but still. The combination of the music, and the competitive nudge from the site combined with the ease of getting into the habit of writing daily, is fabulous.

On that note, I haven’t done an update in a while, and I like to think I’ve been a busy little bee. I keep meaning to check in with weekly writing totals, but then it just doesn’t happen. So, on the topic of updates, and in the spirit of it’s-five-bloody-am-and-Murphy-can’t-bloody-sleep, here goes.

The Sharpest Lives:

  • Haven’t edited in roughly half a decade, and Lor Rose is going to kill me. To my betas: Thank you so much for being so endlessly patient and non-naggy with my spastic ADHD self. I can focus, I just tend to get stuck on one thing at a time. Right now that’s NOTH. I swear I’ll start editing and sending it out soon. I just can’t hold editing me and writing me in my head at the same time. They get into epic smackdowns.
Night of the Hunter:

  • Completely plotted, right to the bitter end. (It’s not a bitter ending! That’s just the phrase I happened to use!) 
  • Current word count around 110K. When I got it into my head to finish the damn book a couple weeks ago, it was at 90K. Not too shabby.
  • Meant to have it finished by the end of this week, but I caught a cold and that severely impeded creativity. I swear it should (knock on wood) be done this week. Really.

  • Haven’t worked on it in donkey’s years. (What does that phrase even mean?)
  • Need to plot. Need to write. Hopefully plotting, if not writing, can be done while editing TSL. Maybe I’ll do a trade off; one week of editing, one week of writing. It’s something to think about.
Blood & Fear:

  • I have a few ideas and the basic plot. I would really, really like to start writing this for Camp NaNoWriMo, but I’m pretty sure Lor will tie me down and make me edit, so I’ll likely end up editing for Camp. >.< (Being a rebel = not always fun.)

That about wraps things up. I have another little project I’m hoping to tackle, possibly as a buffer against the special kind of crazy that comes with editing, that is linked to the I&I books. But I’m not telling.

You’ll be able to find a Six Sentence Sunday post here later. Keep an eye out—I’m overtired and hopped up, who knows what I’ll accomplish?

Wishing all of you who can actually sleep the very dirtiest of dreams, and cheers to those of you awake right now,



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