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Six Sentence Sunday!

All right. This little tidbit is from Night of the Hunter and is part of what I wrote this week. There’s more before this, but then it wouldn’t be six sentences, and I’d be giving away what happens, wouldn’t I? 😉

All you really need to know is that alanna—pronounced as written—is an Irish endearment.



She felt the waves of sadness that rolled through her when she stood beside the stone marker, felt the ache in her bones as she knelt to try and read the words on it without success.

Emily woke chilled to her core, shivering and hugging herself for warmth, with tears on her face.

Beside her, Ryan put a hand to her shoulder. “Alanna,” he said gently, his voice low enough that she could pretend not to have heard it. “Are you all right?”

She nodded and rolled over, too sick and sad to speak of it.


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