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Six Sentence Sunday + Mini Update.

I think I’m going to scale back even further on the number of posts, to just six sentence Sunday, once a week. That way I have time to get new stuff written in the meantime so I’m not spoiling stuff for you guys. 😉 That said, I’ve worked quite a bit on Night of the Hunter this week. Have some of that.

P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!



She had no idea of her name, of whether she’d had any family, of who she might have been.

Did they think she didn’t want to remember? She sighed. It wasn’t that at all–it was that the more she tried, the more any elusive tendrils that might have been memory seemed to drift away from her. It was easier, much easier really, to take the reality she’d been handed and forget what might have been.

Until that reality became too much to accept.


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