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Six Sentence Sunday!

Today’s Six Sentence Sunday features a recurring character from the Impartials & Immortals books, one with a bit of a past to boot. Since I still feel bad about all the posts I missed, there’s also a bit more than six sentences here. No need to worry about spoilers, though; this isn’t going into a book. It’s set in the mid-nineteenth century. Have fun chewing on that. 😉



Fear. He could smell it now. His smile broadened. “You haven’t the right to file for a divorce. You’ve no grounds; no barrister will ever take you on.” He paused, watching as the terrified eyes came back to land on his. “Besides… should you attempt to leave, there is still no way you will ever see your family again. Should you attempt to leave me,” he went on as she stared blankly at him, “I will simply claim that I left first. You will be even more destitute than you were before I chose to marry you; your family will lose the financial support I have provided them, and, I imagine, their farm as well, and the lot of you could very well land yourselves in the workhouse.”

Horror flared in her eyes. “No,” she whispered.


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