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Suck Up Saturday!

(AKA, what will happen in the future when Murphy misses a whole week of blog posts and nobody even complains. I feel baaaad, you guys.)

Anyways, since I’m a terrible person, here’s some cutesy smut for you. I changed names once or twice so you won’t know for sure who it is. 😀



“I’m sorry, alanna. Forgive me?”

In answer, she moved into his arms and pressed her mouth to his.

It was easy after that, like a dance remembered. Hands on her waist steering her to the small daybed in the corner, warm and strong without causing harm; a mouth against hers, firm and yet impossibly soft at the same time, kissing her just the way he knew she liked to be kissed in order to make her head spin. He smiled when her breath caught in her throat; she let her fingertips wander over his shoulders and back and hummed contentedly when she felt his muscles tense in reaction.

Little sighs, gasps and moans drifted out and hung on the air as they undressed each other, small smiles exchanged as they remembered to take the time to show each other they were loved. Hands tracing over curves and lines, fingers seeking out the sensitive spots longtime lovers know how to find in each other. Fluid movements, shifting positions together on the bed as if reading each other’s minds. Soft murmurs, both encouragement and pleasure as they took each other, moving slowly towards the climax they knew was coming but were in no hurry to reach. Then it was there and they came over it together, muted cries mingling, eyes locking, hands linked. Their eyes were already beginning to close as they drifted back to earth, back to the physical reality of the world around them.

She smiled and nuzzled his throat, then sighed and fell asleep with the sound of his heart beating steadily against her ear.


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