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Z is for…. Zzzzzzzz.

That’s right, zzzzzz, like snoring noises (not that I snore, of course). It was an eventful weekend and an eventful month overall, and I got to share it all with the lovely people who came over here to read my posts ranging all the way from A to Z (and that’s zed, by the way; I am Canadian, after all). Hopefully some of those who came over here because of the challenge will stick around because I say things that make them think or make them smile.

In the course of this month, a lot has happened. I finished my college education (aka my education, period, I hope), moved to a new city, and, I’d like to think, learned a few things about myself along the way. But now that the month is over, I’m going to quietly slip out and go catch up on my sleep. 😉

Thank you to all those who took this little ride with me, and to Lor and Patty for prodding me into it in the first place. I think I may have actually made a couple of pretty insightful posts through this challenge. That makes it all worthwhile.


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