Impartials and Immortals / Short Story / Six Sentence Sunday / Smut / Unidentified Snippet

Six Sentence Sunday!

WOO! I’m moved in but I didn’t forget about you guys! Today’s round is steamy, but I’m not telling you who it’s about. 😉



She was full of sounds, the little hums and purrs of a woman satisfied. But where human women either repressed those noises, afraid to look like whores, or overplayed them trying to act like pornstars, Rhiannon made the noises of a woman who knew what she wanted and knew she was getting it.

“More,” she demanded, eyeing me with slitted green cat’s eyes. Then she was grasping the front of my shirt and tearing it down the front without so much as a blink.

“That,” I said after a moment, staring down at what had been a perfectly good shirt, “was hot as hell.”

She smirked, then shoved the shirt off my shoulders and threaded her fingers through my hair and yanked me up against her.


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