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X is for…. X-Rated.

First, very off-topic but it has to be said: I’m a college graduate!!! WHOOOOOOO!!

Moving on!

Just for the record, the post itself is not X-rated. Although it could be. XD

The idea for this post comes from my writer friends Patty and Lor (who, by the way, both have books out, or ebooks: Being Human and You Are The Other Half of Me). We often have a discussion about things that are X-rated.

You see, Lor and I write smutty deliciousness. Our books have sex–yummy mansex in hers, and (usually) ye olde man-and-a-woman sex in mine. (Though I’ve been known to twist things around, or my characters have.) Patty writes YA. A lot of the time, this doesn’t make a difference. Haters can get out right now, because her stories and characters are no less complex or vivid for the lack of that. The only thing is, I have to remind myself while reading Patty’s stuff that no matter how much I want two characters to get together, there will not be sex (on the page, anyways).

Lor and I? We like writing that aspect of the relationship. I know I do. Of course it’s possible to have a relationship in a book, and have it damn well written, without including sex. Patty and several other YA writers have proven that and I applaud them for it. But personally? I like showing that side of things. It adds a whole other dimension to things–AND it’s just fun! I like to think I handle it well, that it shows another side to the characters’ relationships. Things can get way interesting in the bedroom. (Or wherever they happen to be. *ahem*)

What do you think? Do you like reading all the fun smexytimes in a book? Are you the type who blushes and skims through the sex scenes? Or do you read them and think of ways you could improve on it? 😉


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